The 2-Minute Rule for service

My prepare was to obtain them, although undertaking this service, taught the most up-to-date and best methods of labour, making sure that the school would not only get the advantage of their attempts, but the students them selves could be taught to see not simply utility in labour, but elegance and dignity; might be taught, in truth, how to raise labour up from mere drudgery and toil, and would figure out how to appreciate function for its personal sake.

a Section of public work, an administrative division of a governing administration, or your body of public servants in it: the diplomatic service.

Associates and direct Taxes shall be apportioned Amongst the a number of States which can be included in this Union, Based on their respective Figures, which shall be based on incorporating to The full quantity of free of charge People, including All those sure to Service for any Term of A long time, and excluding Indians not taxed, a few fifths of all other People.

n → Dienst m; his faithful service → seine treuen Dienste; services to one’s nation/the Queen (of soldier etc) → Dienst an seinem Vaterland/fileür die Königin; her services to field/the state (politician, industrialist) → ihre Verdienste in der Industrie/um das Land; he died during the service of his nation → er starb in Pflichterfüllung fileür sein Vaterland; he has 10 several years’ service powering him → er hat zehn Jahre Dienstzeit hinter sich (dat); to do any individual a service → jdm einen Dienst erweisen; to complete off page seo or see superior service → gute Dienste leisten; this box did service for a desk → diese Kiste hat schon als Tisch gedient; for being of service → nützlich sein; to get of service to any individual → jdm nützen; it’s of little service within an emergency → im Notfall nützt es wenig; to generally be at any person’s service → jdm zur Verfügung stehen; (individual also) → jdm zu Diensten stehen; can I be of service for you?

he was knighted for his services to field → le concedieron el título de Sir por sus servicios a la industria

to carry out sth/sb a service you might have carried out me an excellent service → me ha hecho un gran favor, me ha sido de A lotísima ayuda

a. The serving of food stuff or even the method during which it truly is served: The service was superior, though the meals was lousy.

It involves no ability from the science of war to discern that uniformity during the Business and discipline of your militia will be attended with essentially the most effective outcomes, Anytime they have been termed into service for the public protection.

a : to fulfill curiosity and sinking fund payments on (debt) didn't have the money stream to service a big personal loan

I wounded my shoulder and my grass was having out of control. I ran into them although ingesting lunch at a gasoline station and requested if they might in shape me…

an organized system of labour and product aids utilised to provide the wants in the publictelephone service; bus service

staff, force - team of men and women willing to obey orders; "a community force is essential to offer protection towards the rights of citizens"

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b. The efficiency of work or responsibilities for the remarkable or for a servant: observed the butler's service to get great.

Like several service for seek the services of, it is incredibly crucial for the traffickers to provide a highly regarded service, prison as it is.

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